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Inside Track Series
#4: Agents & Managers

ruthRUTH LIVIER Ruth's acting credits in film, television, and theater are impressive. She recently guest starred in the ABC Family series Switched at Birth, worked with director Sam Raimi in Drag Me To Hell and played Lolita opposite Val Kilmer’s Zorro in Theater of the Ears ‘ production of The Mark of Zorro. Ruth also starred in Showtime’s groundbreaking and award-winning series Resurrection Blvd. and her voice can be heard in shows like Handy Manny and King of the Hill.

In the web world, Ms. Livier has been a visionary, successfully launching one of the first web series, called Ylse, in August 2008. Ms. Livier executive produces, acts and writes in the show and was featured on the cover of the Writers Guild of America’s Written By magazine for being the first person to join that union via her work in New Media. Ylse is a SAG, DGA and WGA show. In 2010, Ylse won the IMAGEN AWARD for Best Internet Program, the first in its category. And, Season 3 is in pre-production with Emmy award-winning Executive Producer Peter Murrieta (Wizards of Waverly Place) onboard and an impressive list of actors attached.

Ruth has been a keynote speaker at the Latina Youth and Hispanic Lifestyle Conferences and a panelist and guest speaker at several New Media events including: LMU, SAG, WGA, NALIP, Digital Hollywood, USC and Emerson College. She has been featured in several prominent publications including: TV Guide, EMMY magazine, People en Español, Latino Leaders and Hispanic. Ms. Livier is scheduled to MC this year’s upcoming MALDEF Gala Awards in Los Angeles.